What is FiltaPave®?

FiltaPave® is a high quality porous paving which can replace asphalt and concrete in many applications.  It is flexible and can absorb in excess of 4000 litres of water per hour per square metre.

FPP Industries are the suppliers and installers of FiltaPave®  in Sydney and surrounding areas

Typical Applications and Colours of FiltaPave®

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Footpaths and Cycleways

Sydney City Cycleway in “Charcoal”,
Camperdown Footpath in “Titanium”

Car Parks and Driveways

Penrith Car Park in “Cinnamon”.

Tree Surrounds

Croydon Park Tree Surround in “Shamrock”

About Us

  • FiltaPave® is an innovative, sustainable Porous Paving with a 30% void capacity and extremely high infiltration rate.
  • The FiltaPave® system includes recycled rubber granules and recycled concrete, which significantly reduce landfill requirements.
  • Our team is specially trained to supply and install FiltaPave®.
  • Our early projects are still operational after more than 8 years.

Major Benefits of FiltaPave® Porous Paving:

  • Provides a safe, non-skid surface for pedestrians and vehicles.
  • Eliminates trip hazards in footpaths, driveways and car parks caused by movement of tree roots.
  • Eliminates surface flooding by absorbing in excess of 4000 litres of water per hour per square metre.
Tree Roots – Before

Tree Root Trip Hazard – Before

Titanium FiltaPaveR Footpath – After

Titanium FiltaPave® Footpath – After

Flooded Concrete Footpath – Before

Flooded Concrete Footpath – Before

Charcoal FiltaPave®  Footpath – After

Erosion of Deco Granite Footpath – Before

Durable Charcoal FiltaPave®  Footpath – After

Blue CTA phone.

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