FiltaPave® alternative to Asphalt & Concrete

FiltaPave® Porous Paving can be used as an asphalt and concrete alternative for many applications, as the product is durable, flexible and can absorb in excess of 4000 litres of water per hour per square metre.


FiltaPave® porous paving is composed of recycled rubber granules produced from old vehicle tyres, graded aggregate and proprietary binder, while recycled crushed concrete is used as an underdrain to help drain the water from the surface.

Features and Benefits

  • Highly porous – absorbs in excess of 4000 litres water per hour per square metre
  • No ponding or surface puddles, preventing flooding
  • Flexible and prevents trip hazards from tree roots, reducing insurance premiums
  • Durable product – some projects still operational after 8 years
  • High strength – can support light and heavy vehicles in driveways and car parks
  • Filters storm water providing clean discharge to water ways
  • A safe non-skid surface for pedestrians, vehicles and wheelchairs
  • Comfortable surface underfoot
  • Very fast curing time reducing time on site, with early client handover
  • Non-toxic


FiltaPave charcoal shade.

Charcoal – Dark Grey/Black

FiltaPave Titanium shade.

Titanium – Light Grey

FiltaPave Cinnamon shade.

Cinnamon – Reddish/Brown

Shamrock – Green

FiltaPave® Maintenance

FiltaPave® should be maintained once a year for optimum results – sweeping and vacuuming of surface sediments will help to keep porosity at 0.30 . This service can be provided by FPP Industries as required.

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